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Concerto Caledonia

Performance Date: 
Saturday 16 November 7.30pm

Helensburgh Music Society presents Concerto Caledonia with a programme of pieces focussed on Corelliís legacy in Scotland.

Aaron McGregor, Gabi Maas, violins
Laura Sergeant, cello
David McGuiness, fortepiano, virginal


Corelliís legacy in Scotland; to include,

Trio Sonata Op 1 No 4
William McGibbon
Trio Sonata No 5 in imitation of Corelli
The Broom of Cowdenknows, Bonny Christy
William McGibbon
Variations on The Bonniest Lass in aí the World
Violin Sonata Op 5 No 5 adapted by McGibbon
Robert Mackintosh
The Duchess of Gordonís Delight, Miss Charlotte
Campbellís Medley
Nathaniel Gow
The Cries of Edinburgh; Quadrilles as danced at his
annual Ball 1817-1819